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Supernatural Healing Circle

Wed June 18, 2003

Katherine and Kaelin at Sunset Healing is Life's Circle of Love and Light. There is order in this Immense Universe, found through the synergistic forces of a nature perfectly in balance.

As we align ourselves with all and everything that is sacred and holy, we too, also become...

My Life is devoted to embracing my divine purpose to heal others as I am healing myself is some of the beauty that I am able to gratefully pass on to others.
I am Blessed
I am Love
I am

This Supernatural Life Enhancing section of my website has been specifically appropriated to focus on the healing energy of myself and so many faithful others, as we direct our Love towards those who so dearly need this new and added Light in their now Fuller and Healthier Lives.


Kaelin's drawing for Dana I am requesting that the Universe fully heal Dana Falk, now.

At this moment, Dana is scheduled (Victoria Hospital) for an intense 8 hr operation to remove a large acoustic melanoma from the area directly behind her right ear.

The major 'life saving' operation was originally scheduled for last Thursday. Due to unforeseen circumstances ('everything for a reason') the surgery was rescheduled for this upcoming Thursday June 19, 2003.

Remember 'Love Heals all Wounds'. Let us place Dear Dana in our hearts as we extend support and our best of Life's Wondrous Wishes.

Bless you, Dana

- Katherine A. Marion

The photograph of Katherine and Kaelin was taken at Third Beach in Stanley Park, June 18, 2003 8:45 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/60s @ f/4.0, flash) by Peter Jones.

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