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Words : Old Friends and Soccer Balls in the Sun!

Thurs May 28, 2003

Kaelin playing soccer Mommy, can I play at the park for a while? I want to see some of my old friends, my 7 year young son sings out to me, before we climb off our bikes to enter into one more boyish adventure...

The playground is teaming with little tykes and Kaelin makes fast friends in a short while. Walking up to a friendly looking child, he ask to join in a game of soccer. He's accepted. A wonderful spirit named Jean, in the guise of a black Daddy of a beautiful curly haired 2 year old, kicks the ball in the direction of the new player. And, he's on his way...

"That's good! Don't give up, man!" the ever happy Daddy laughs as he calls out to the new long haired blonde kid on the block. Kaelin kicks, dribbles, and continues to show off his prowess on the paved playing field. One more wee pro occasionally giving healthy instruction of his own.

It's wonderful the joy this Daddy brings to the game. His positivity is simply contagious, and the children follow him, as they would the 'pied piper' of a saner, safer World. A sense of community prevails through the late spring air as more flying soccer ball sails...

Katherine & Kaelin

This photograph of Kaelin was taken on a field in the West End, June 21, 2003 1:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/250s @ f/2.8, no flash) by Katherine A. Marion of 3rdEyeFoto.

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