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Words : Farsighted, or Sights Set Far...

Mon June 8, 2003

Young Katherine with dog Most people believe one is simply lucky or blessed to 'look' a certain way. Or, to have a lot of love or keep a smile to share with everyone seen along the way. I know differently...

At the age of 2, I was 'diagnosed' with a stigmatism in my left eye. It was my Aunt Annabelle (no longer an Angel on this Earthly plane) who first brought my near to crossing eyes to my mother's attention.

I began wearing little silver glasses with dainty rhinestones inset at the corners, from the tender 2's until I was 6. It was my sister Carol (a year younger, with a heavy step) who stepped on and broke my treasure. I was terribly distraught. I had always felt so special and unique peeking out from those frames. None of my other siblings (eldest of 5 - some still to come...) worse these neat, shiny objects upon their face. I thought "for sure this is no accident. She meant to do it!"

Eventually I calmed down, and my family bought me a patch to wear over my 'weak' eye. A long, skinny black strand of elastic attached to a dark, shiny patch. I loved it! Now, I became a pirate...

As the years wore on, something (surely fateful...) happened to my revered pirates patch. Instead, I was gifted with a pack of stick-on patches from the drugstore. These, I wore while I was reading at home and studying at school. No one could possibly miss me...No matter what, I was noticed. For even though I didn't admit it, I must have liked the attention I felt I was finally receiving!

Somewhere along the cross over line, the patches disappeared. No more blurring prescription eye drops, or visits to that strange Optometrist (He was later written about in the local paper over charges related to doing things with little children.) I was becoming an almost 'normal kid'.

As the saying goes, "None are as blind as those who will not see." When I got 'older', I wondered about my eyes and why I no longer needed glasses or a patch. This is when I came upon a quote by a modern day sage (even then...), Louise Hays. This famous healer who had cured herself of malignant cancer because she 'knew' she could, had some valuable insights on more than a couple of subjects.

Katherine and Kaelin enjoying a summer day "I have never met a 2 or 3 year old child who wears glasses because there is something they didn't want to see." Louise firmly stated in her book (one of a magnificent many...) "The Power To Heal". Wow! That explained a lot! It made sense. This message was surely meant for me. All I had to do was continue 'doing my work'...

Now, I'm a 43 year old single Mom, with a 7 year old boy who has 20/20 vision... My magic glasses and pirates patch have been left behind, along with my favourite teddy bear and pretty dollies (all once gladly known on a first name basis). What I have learned is to 'focus' on the 'big picture' and keep my sights set high. The only Lens I choose to look through is that of Love.

Katherine & Kaelin

P.S. I don't even wear shades when I look into the sun. See you soon!

The photograph of Katherine and Kaelin was taken on a patio in the West End, June 11, 2003 4:15 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/250s @ f/6.3, flash) by Peter Jones.

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