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Words : In the Land of Yum

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Wed July 2, 2003

Over one more delicious homemade dinner we discuss the latest 'food find' strewn under the table, and other divinities such as doggie sweat glands and floppy tongues. Humming birds and quicksilver fluttering wings are merely a few tasty topics and tantalizing things we explore at tenderness' tabletop.

After my delightful son passes (no, not gas!) off the last bits of lingering yumminess served by one loving Mom, he proudly displays his 'pleasingly full' protruding tummy. After eating 1 large nori wrapped raw repast of locally grown green kale, tomatillos, banana peppers, sprouted sunflower seeds, bok choy, green onions, purple cabbage and tomatoes with lemon and pure sea salt liberally sprinkled avocado chunks, he deftly proceeds to the rapidly emptying fridge. Whereupon, to produce one more crunchy green apple (his 4th today, not counting this morning's fruit smoothie) to eagerly bite into... I'm seduced... Me too!

Kaelin and I mutually munch on our naturally sweet enzyme laden dessert as he happily plays his keyboard at couchside. I continue scribbling madly, occasionally looking upon the utter satisfaction I see spread across his ever shining face. He calmly looks up with the clearest pale green eyes, and I can only smile! What a joy to feast my own hungry eyes upon this health-filled epitamy of vitality and wordly perfection. I am honoured to call this constant appetite for Life - "my son!"

One more magical meal shared. One more silly story told. One more raw dessert devoured. One more new song played. So much endless fun for one playful boy and his grateful Mom. This is the only Luscious Life we choose to forever live, in the Land of Yum!

- Katherine A. Marion

The top photograph of Kaelin was taken on a patio in the West End, July 3, 2003 8:45 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/60s @ f/4.0, flash) by Katherine A. Marion.

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