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Words : 'Lagoon of Lost Tales' - Boca Del Lupo visits Stanley Park

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Mon July 14, 2003

Katherine and Kaelin at Lost Lagoon Laugh aloud about a sense of the familial breeding familiarity - we did! If this beautifully be what brings a West End Community together, then my son and I call it an all hands in the refreshing air win!

Colourful Popsicles on a wooden stick, served post brain boggling aftermath - to cool down 1 1/2 hours of raving outdoor shtick! Kids of every race and age sucking up this year's Boca Del Lupo's batch of zany bravery with a hunger fit to appease. With Lost Lagoon acting as sumptuous setting for one more year's delectable stage.

Weather (raining - with no discernable dampening of light spirits) it be an actress dressed up as a poor orphan boy who single footedly pedals a makeshift old bike as a boat, alongside a curving pathway of a moat.

An old wooden bridge where elegant swans float by and lily pads grow, is where the mad mouthfuls of a couple of overbearing 'Miss Reads' do endlessly flow.

A pair of well intentioned uniformed gangly girls on a bicycle made for 2. One more purse lipped than ghostly pale. Hot chocolate partner with widening white orbs opening up from a most expressive face. Enflamed feminine ego's riding alongside one another. As big as any multiracial male one might call 'brother'. Ready and willing to assist or certainly disable as their hard won badges may attest. Enough to disarm any soul. Let alone orphaned - at best!

Lagoon of Lost Tales Cast, An effeminate posturing male found on the proceeding grey cement of the next bridge. Wildly gesticulating and threatening (between campy poses) to jump. If only he wasn't such a "funny" guy (for his mother told him so). Maybe a girl, instead. He readily admits he'd much rather be dressed up as a 10 - or "dead!"

Up in a tall Fir tree with 3 'babies' long overdue to leave the nest. Their domineering mother up top, squawking as she plays with her feathers and her fear infested children's induced abandonment fears.

Off to visit somebody's lonely Auntie, not fast enough asleep on a floating barge, hanging onto a stuffed dog for her only pet. Now that "Daddy's" gone, she hasn't found the next sad sucker to eat her porridge - yet...

As many hilarious assorted characters as mothers pushing empty baby carriages and lost hopes, nearing provocative plays end. Yammering and yelling, coddling and whining for one lost boy close to finally finding his family.

Lagoon of Lost Tales Cast, A hairy legged nun, who's only habit is to marry others under a water fountain far from shore. This time - A Mommy and Daddy found. One marriage even enthusiastic youth cannot ignore.

Many rounds of well deserved applause from 50-60 followers circled merrily around. Happiness finally finds newfound soggy ground!

Accolades to these professional players lighting up the dark. A tenacious team opening on premiere eve in the glowing misty green of Stanley Park. What a hoot! What a raving bunch of lovely lunatics (or were those merely the critics attending?) A total far out farce in the heart of the wet wonderlands of Vancouver's forest - fine.

Many loads of laughter continue to spill forth, as these players in the park effortlessly shine. Perfectly playing their every unique and precious part!

P.S. We'll see you at Wednesday's 7 PM performance. A booked solid event. I'll be sure and get there to cover the first 2 parts I didn't yet see. When you hear peals of laughter, join in the fun - magically!

- Katherine A. Marion

The second photograph, showing Lagoon of Lost Tales cast members Mac and Toni was taken at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park, July 13, 2003 9:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/60s @ f/2.8, flash) by Katherine A. Marion.

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