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Words : 'Upon a Vancouver Summer's Eve' Pre - 'Boca Del Lupo' Players in the Park

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Fri July 11, 2003

Lagoon of Lost Tales actor Mac, "The bugs are pretty bad this time of night", the bearded stranger paddling a beat up boat casually calls out across the tranquil waters of Lost Lagoon.

From underneath a sweep of willows that lower darkened branches down, as if to somehow keep us safely protected from the night, we turn to look upon in disbelief the smiling man, once again.

Half a dozen baby carriages carted by this lone soul in his crafted canoe. Ready to moor, no babes or mommies within sight. Hey, maybe this guys the buggy one, I might momentarily be prone to thoughtlessly think - with fright!

This is the West End, where people constantly live on not just the stagnant water's edge. Maybe this player in the park has dived his last dumpster before setting sail to live one more life adrift. Or, perhaps this voice in the wild has offerings of a gift?

Sure enough... and I am. 'Tales of Lost Lagoon' blow through the lips of this man. Upon this warm and wetted eve this be one saved soul set to shore - I now choose to believe.

The Boca Del Lupo players at their finest and dampest hour. Weather it be setting sun or newborn rain shower, dress rehearsal is soon at stories end. Practice makes perfect upon this upcoming Saturday's end!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of 'Lagoon of Lost Tales' actor Mac was taken at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park, with an Olympus Stylus Epic by Katherine A. Marion.

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