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Words : Eating Raw in The Summer Rain

Sun July 20, 2003

Kaelin and Katherine eating on Patio The sweetest fragrance of freshly cut B.C. flowers fills the cooling evening air. Organic raw produce proudly plucked - from the West End Farmer's Market - makes for a Rawsome bite of nourishing fun. With this new showering of Vancouver rain, we surely know we'll soon see the sunshine again!

My hungry little dinner date and I grab hold of our respective yellow banana and long green peppers and treat ourselves to one more terrific telltale adventure. A surprise of a final cleansing rinse from friendly clouds high up above. With newly washed plates and even cleaner palates, we look upon two heaping helpings to fall even deeper into summertime's Delectable and Delicious Love.

Kaelin eating on Patio, A meal is a marvelous match of a million moments - shared with enduring honesty and humour on standby. Taste buds ready and Truth to only be told. These the only rules we at our divine dinner table promise to uphold.

To rightly bless this pure and precious bounty as all consummate nourishment offered to our smiling selves. Living energy that shall sustain and see us both through one more love - filled day. More abundance of great and grown gifts given than I (especially with my mouth full...) can possibly hope to say!

Upon this sun kissed deck overlooking lazy Lost Lagoon, flowers fed and tummies filled can be a sumptuous feast for the ever awakening soul. A time allotted in the sharing of Rawsome repast and for the hungriest of soaring spirits to joyously extol.

Patio Food, We thank this splendid Earth from the wholesome happiness of our expanding Hearts. All that now firmly roots, keeps us invaluably healthy and continually replenished. For these proud and purest richest, we know ourselves to be forever incredibly wealthy!

P.S. C'mon... Dig in!

- Katherine A. Marion

These photographs were taken in the West End, on July 12, 2003, the final 2 with a Canon EOS Rebel by Katherine A. Marion.

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