Super Natural Woman

Words : The Wonder of Water

Mon July 6, 2003

Katherine swimming at Second Beach Pool Floating... Losing all sensation and sense of allotted time or given space. All is still. At ease. This is pure being... I am at peace.

I swim over a mile of breaststroke. It's been a long time - almost a year since I was last seduced... The pool is practically empty. Plenty of room to stretch... to grow... I feel so free... Alive!

I could just keep going all afternoon. So much energy... Time has stood still. Living matter is all that counts.

After all, I am 65% water. Existing as one yet working in unison with the rest of this vast and wondrous universe. A living, breathing organism, celebrating the Luscious Life force that I so brilliantly am!

I twist. I twirl. I somersault backward, stand on my hands and exalt in the absolute glory of all (that is and need ever be). To float upon my back as I luxuriate in the moment. Savouring Now all that is wet and wonderfully Me!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine was taken at Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park, on July 6, 2003, with an Olympus Epic Stylus by Kaelin W. Marion.

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