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Words : Holy Sweet Peaches and a Borrowed Babe!

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Tue July 22, 2003

Katherine and Kaelin "Hi Sweetheart! It's the beginning of a whole new day. What do you want to receive? Choose anything! You can make it happen...", I excitedly affirm to my slowly rousing son, upon awakening him from dreamy slumber. As the sun sifts in to warmly greet us, my blurry eyed little boy rubs his opening lids as he smiles. I know that look...

"I want a puppy dog and a pussy cat!" Kaelin assuredly exclaims. With a look of pure happiness upon his shining face. "That's good", I wisely offer "Keep Believing!"

Today is the day I shop at the nearby West End Farmer's Market. A one day a week mini-extravaganza where hard working farmers from all over B.C. congregate, to carefully set up their appetite whetting booths for the public to see and savour. We're such avid night owls, we rarely arrive early enough to grab the last couple of containers of fresh raspberries in season. That's all right! As long as Mommy gets her locally grown flowers and produce. A few clover honey sticks for my pet lover. And, we're both sweetly sated!

Katherine, friend and sons With warm sun peeking through a few lazy summer clouds, we hit the pavement alongside Lord Roberts school. Time to pay tribute to B.C.'s very own Biodynamic and Organic farmers who produce so many earthly miracles and more... These tillers of the soil are even kind enough to bring local beauty right to our blessed Vancouver door!

Lusciously long, firm stems of tart red rhubarb grown in Langley. Gorgeous green bundles of arugula. Big bags of sweet basil. Fresh bunches of rosy reddened beets and every green one hungry for real soul food from the earth can wondrously well imagine...

Succulent banana peppers shipped in from my breastfeeding friend's farm in Costin. One Okanagan born baby already well abreast of the good stuff... She's soon spotted sucking on a long green spindle of a palatable pepper, while taking a brief, although happy, hia-tit-us from the plentiful breast.

Katherine checking out banna peppers The yummiest brilliant coloured orange apricots and sweetest cling to the stone-Peaches 2 members of the same healthy family could ever fight over or share. Dripp'n with summer delicious juiciness. We're there!

Handsome handfuls of perfectly formed bright purple Baby Bing's, plucked recently from the once voluptuous flowering vine. Eye popping, precious wonders filled with all passion and purpose the almighty SimilKameen Valley could send one's sumptuous and seed spitt'n way!

The prettiest bunch of posies, this morning's perfect pick. Lovingly handed over from one Petal Pusher in fairest of trade, to one single mother set to pleasingly sigh. My postcard - "Our Children - Flowers of Love" A message of Hope from my all seeing 3rd Eye and I!

Katherine and Petal Pusher A treat of a couple of hours and a few Canadian dollars well spent. As the 2:00 PM closing whistle blows on cue, we depart these Great Growers of Goodness who once again gift us with blessing of the Heart and Riches of this bountiful land. Until next week...

Upon leaving, I dutifully remember I must sadly return one babe to her rightful womb, before she's missed by more than empty tummied me. Too bad. I don't mind one missed delivery. Just think... If only!

This Saturday Sumptuous there shall be no tiny tail wagger or wee peeing purrer tagging along home happily with us. Everything up for sure sale at this marvelous market, except... Yet, I surely shall always remember one diapered Dear borrowed from a cabbage patch near!

- Katherine A. Marion

P.S. See you next Saturday!

These photographs of Katherine were taken at the West End Farmer's Market (Lord Roberts Elementary parking lot, Bidwell and Pendrell Streets), July 12, 2003 1:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Peter Jones.

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