Super Natural Woman

Words : Get Juiced! Go Wild!

Mon July 29, 2003

Kaelin with Juiceicles Homemade Juicecicles! There are no lonely leftovers at this Supernatural household. The only non-commodity I will place in my spacious freezer (empty storage space) are sweet and juicy frozen sticks of ice cold coconut and combined with crushed pineapple, apricot, peach, blueberries, banana and cashews, then rolled in crunchy ground pecans. Sound Delicious?

Far out! Frozen faves dripping off the sticky fingers of the sweetest and youngest members of this Supernatural sub-nuclear Family. Ever ready to slurp and Go... Such an ever teasing treat for the often deprived and thirsty sense. What could be more perfect on a Hot Vancouver Day!

By this reading time, you must be noticeably tempted to try this soothing summer sucker on for size! So, take your soon to be satiated self over to the nearest neighbourhood Farmer's Market that kindly sells loads of luscious and locally grown Fruit. Plucked right from the bending and beautiful branch!

The Rest... Grow a banana tree! Start a pineapple Plantation! Go Wild!!!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Kaelin was taken in the West End with a Canon EOS Rebel by Katherine Marion.

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