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Mon Sept 1, 2003

Katherine drying hair I stop in my worn, brand name cycling shoe tracks to pet three of the most adorable Russell Scott Terriers on my way home from the gym. After a workout in the weight room ('back' today, here tomorrow!) and a relaxing steam, I have even more Love to Give. Especially when it comes to a family of wee white puppies speckled with splotches of black. Even if these sisters and brothers being carted down Denman in a Kiddies red wagon are up for sale at $500 a piece? Resigned, I continue towards my pupless apartment, never enough finger bitten minutes later. Besides, what Super Natural Woman would wish to break up a priceless set of whimpering Wonders from the wagging Womb?

Comfortably positioned outside on my spacious deck, I dry my conditioned hair under Septembers First day of heated sun. I happily begin rereading a Life Enhancing book my friend, Natalie Forstbauer ('Dr. Feel Food') recently co wrote, along with a Luscious List of other Highly Empowered Female Health Coaches and Healing practitioners.

Kaelin's creation Soon, Gus comes ambling in with Kaelin, after a long, leisurely stroll along Lost Lagoon and English Bay. He stopped at his place for awhile to download his most recent creations on my 'Katherine the Great' archival photo galleries. Wow! I will soon be offering these bonus pics as part and precious parcel in my Gold and Platinum VIP Super Natural Woman fan club memberships.

My son has also brought along his own abstract Masterpiece that he just completed on the computer. Zigzags of tiny triangles meticulously brushed with sweeps of rainbow colour. Impressive!

Munching on one more unsprayed Mission apple, I am so grateful to be settling back on home's turf. The Pristine Beauty of Bowen Island and roughing it on an isolated beach has it's place in my Life's Plan. Yet, puppy dog licks, cold dumbbells, hot cement, torn pages, and Adobe PhotoShop shall always have a warm place in my ever expanding Heart.

Of the myriad of Conceivable Worlds within this one, I still do not find myself willing to decide which is my most favoured part!

- Katherine A. Marion

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