Super Natural Woman

Words : Beauty of a Vancouver Eve

Mon Sept 1, 2003

Kaelin at sunset A leisurely 2 1/2 hour stroll around the never ending Splendour of the Stanley Park Seawall. Plucking wild white roses and fresh lavender. Breathing in the pleasant aroma of cedar at a campfire found on the sands of Second Beach. Watching a Crescent Moon gently dip beyond the horizon. Speaking to a couple of Lovers fishing for Bullhead.

Spying a family of three wily racoons scavenging for starfish to graze upon at the ocean's salted edge of 3rd Beach. Foraging for Blackberries in the dark. Gazing with newfound wonder at the revamped Lion's Gate Bridge. Spotting the Big Dipper in the fading Light of another clear September sky.

Peeing in the grass. Viewing the pyrotechnics at the PNE fairgrounds, easily visible from the Vancouver Rowing Club. Talking Horse Sense with a Parks Board employee. Cutting through fragrant Rose Gardens. Walking along the newly constructed Georgia Street S Curve underpass. Basking in the Natural Beauty of Graceful Swans gliding upon the calm surface of Lost Lagoon.

A World of Supernatural Wonders to Once again Divinely Dream Upon...!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Kaelin was taken in the West End, on August 21, 2003 8:15 pm (1/60s @ f/3.5, flash) with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Katherine Marion.

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