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Words : Back from Bowen

Mon Sept 1, 2003

Sunday - A day of Rest! We arrived back in Vancouver at 2:00 this afternoon, after catching a 12:50pm ferry from beautiful Bowen Island.

Kaelin and I checked out this Sunday's last (for this summer) local farmers market. Our friend, Gus, scored us some organic bananas and apples (Raw, remember?) at the township's (3000 year-round residents) one and only Health Conscious Organic grocers, down the quaint traffic jammed main street.

Brilliantly hued hand blown glass beads. Delicate purple pansies perfectly placed between sheets of stained glass. Gorgeous crafts and smiling craftspeople greeted us at various appealing booths featuring the works of talented BC artists. One good reason to return to the big city - to make $. Then, ahhh... to spend it!

Three 'walk-ons' and many bundles of 'carry on' to a fast ferry caught right on schedule (even if it is 'island time'). If only I hadn't 'forgot' my precious son! After an auspicious visit to the 'mens room' with the big guy we brought on board, one lone and tiny trousered traveller made his speedy detour! A fast veer to the left and off to the floating arcades went my curious Kaelin.

"Mommy, I got a free game!" my son excitedly told me later, after everyone except paid employees had left the miniature transport craft. As a new set of cars roared onboard, to park on the lower deck for the usual 1:00pm crossing, I bundled up my big baby and made a hasty dash for the closing gates. No wonder I consider myself a prize thoroughbred, let alone for the resounding and unexpected antics of my wee rambler of an Adventurer and often times impulsive colt!

Following our initial trip from home where our supposed 25 minute bus ride turned into a sure fire breakdown (theirs - not mine), Providence played her designated part. An 'Express' bus from Horseshoe Bay Safely carried us and close to 100 lbs of plastic tarp, 3 roll up rubber sleeping mats, 50 leftover tea lights, and never enough warm clothes to keep sweet fresh blood from the mouths of busy Horseshoe Bay mosquitoes. A humour filled quick jaunt and a drop off on Georgia St., just beyond Lost Lagoon. A sleepy 50+ lb bundle of Raw Foodist (Boy! Can I grow em...) sleeping son. One 80 lb backpack on broad shoulders of a 6'2" fully grown man. Now, carrying priceless flesh, while yet, still dangling 2 extra bags from strong and flexible fingers. Supernatural Mom picks up the slack...

My tender tootsies have been pounded into by sharp, unshaved beach rocks. Bared, brown arms and back bitten by thirsty insects. Ears still ringing from the crash of one endless onslaught of 4' crashing waves. Tight calves (the 1 1/2 mile hike there) and volcanic rock scraped thighs. Butt scratched unmercilessly by one too many well placed barnacles. Two eyes that can barely keep their brown and still slightly bewildered (the beauty of it all...) pupils from shutting down due to desperate lack of sleep. Never enough star filled nights lit by the Orangest August Moon.

What an Exhilarating Two Day Mini Family Adventure. Nine rolls of fantastic film footage later. Two vials of phosphorescent Pacific sea water stored. A fresh batch of mussels (good fish'n bait for Kaelin) scooped and bagged. One moistened clump of mineral rich clay. Strands of rosehip berries - freshly unripe off the vine. Alder and Arbutus bark fallen onto a forest floor. Lush and ever green aromatic pinecones plucked from a sap strewn path. Quartz crystal veins uncovered at rugged and rocky moor. Sunstroked pebbles painted by nature's undeniable forces. Perfectly preserved baby starfish found buried on wet sand. Merely a few magnificently earthly artefacts brought back from one Wondrous World by Loving and Open Hand.

Mementos to last another lifetime as I match these Magical Memories in my mind's eye. Safely ensconced in our rental pad. Safe and yet, still sweetly savouring this weekends many gifts. My sleeping son and Grateful I!

- Katherine A. Marion

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