Super Natural Woman

Words : Starfish And A Little Boy At Bowen

Sat Sept 6, 2003

Starfish "I found a Starfish!" Kaelin exclaims, as he rushes to me, spilling over with excitement. So Happy to see one of his long lost mariner friends, he plunks himself down upon my Mexican blanket.

"How do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" my little seafarer curiously inquires. "I don't know", I respond with immediacy. Knowing full well from my vantage point, that there is still so much I still have yet to learn. Leaning in to take a closer sunlit look, I follow my little boy's index finger as he Reveals a Whole New World of mystery to me. "Slimy stuff" and "suckers" says my son. Looks like one more Earthy Blessing as far and deep as we can See!

"I think I found a girl!" my beach baby tells his Mummy as he props the 5 Starred Transplanted Lifespan Lovingly in his left palm. "Why is that?" I ask with utter Fascination, as we watch a wee Universe unfold in front of our eyes. Laying upon my stomach, smiling under a Friendly sun and bluest Bowen Island Skies. "Because it has creamy stuff on the outside of it, to show it's a girl," one little male says with Smiling Conviction. Soon to stroke an even more miniature sized friend discovered alongside a bed of mussel shells imbedded in salted lava rock.

Kaelin Fishing "Makes immaculate sense to me!" is my only rejoinder to Nature's Child and All Reverent Love Found within and beyond these parameters of Loving Hearts and a Perfectly pounding sea.

"Look! An arm broke off a Starfish" Kaelin concernedly calls out from across the water beaten way. "That's ok! They can actually regenerate" is all I have to calmly say from my rock-strewn bed of polished glass, dried shells and ocean gems where I Serenely lay.

"He's gonna be a dinner for this fish!" is all this long legged Fisherboy has to gleefully proclaim. A quick right arm toss into the waves to feed another on the endless food chain. The ever turning tide takes back Nature's endless bounty. Rightfully to spit back to soon so Graciously give unto again.

Hungry Kingfisher sings his Thankful song. With ease he effortlessly glides along. A crash of sea spray where he Finds Himself to Belong. Innocence whispers upon this windswept August weekend. The Truth is Bestowed through Eyes of Gratitude and Absolute Acceptance. Life and All It can Be. Merely a few of the Magical pieces my God of the Almighty Pacific Seas brings back to Blessed Me!

- Katherine A. Marion

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