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Words : Beauty and The Beast

Tue Sept 8, 2003

Katherine and a Rose

Katherine and a Rose If only it was merely an Innocent child's 'make believe'. Fairy tale. Not a madman's horror story to be lived out for the rest of a 'victims' tormented life.

We already know the real 'Beast' is not ever who he simply seems or is portrayed to be. There's always a deadly curse, a disguise and a magical spell. And, let us remember (he would want it that way) the charming and cavalier 'good guy' that just happens along... Saying all the 'right' words and looking so absolutely dashing. It all reads up so pretty. Sounds so utterly appealing. Until you see the Truth...

You realize that the 'man' wearing white is actually the 'bad guy'. The cunning impostor is out to intimidate, manipulate and coerce in any accusatory and wilfully deceitful way he dishonestly can. He doesn't even choose to accept any Light that may be shed on the subject. Darkness Rules. until the Heroine steps in...

She trusts her Instincts - Knowing there is something far bigger (and even more 'beautiful') than her wounded mortal self. Facing Fear, she looks emptiness in the blackened eye. True Prince she Magically meets Open Heart to Handsome Smiling Face. Even though one of them must first Die...

Transformation is arrived at after time does allow Hearts To Shatter and Knees to Unmercifully Break. Now to fully and Most Graciously Bow. A sharpened dagger through the back and a Magical Kiss can bring back to Life even the pinkest blush of a quickly fading Rose.

"And They Live Happily Forever After", may not just be a Dream state (my province - B.C.) arrived at by Dickens, Dr. Seuss or Wordworth, too. My rose coloured glasses are cracked and still frequently worn. How about you? lass="controls">   Copyright 2003 by