Super Natural Woman

Words : Life is for the Living

Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2002

Farmer's Market flowers While the masses strain to remember the well meaning many who died for their country and their cause - I hold no vigil.

My soul sights remain aimed directly at the future. It is only by being actively engaged in the Now that I am able to create a better tomorrow.

By living to the fullest I am able to dance in the light. Attending to my highest self and so many living, loving and breathing others.

This is the only monument I choose to build. It is the moment - fleeting and truly free that speaks to me.

Like quicksilver, continually slipping through my fingers, today is the sacred day upon which I do divinely dine.

My favoured feast.
No fated concerns of yesterday's caged beast.
This eternal edifice to Truth I erect.
A new day, I now accept.

- K. Marion

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