Super Natural Woman

Words : My Love is The Light

Sun Sept 21, 2003

Katherine against clouds Mesmerized... I look at him. And My Heart Moves! Asleep again, waiting for Mummy to read him his newly purchased book on Witchcraft. Earlier, he'd begun crafting a Magic Wand made from "organic wood" he'd whittled all by himself. My heart Sings to remember...

As a little girl, I laid in bed for hours awaiting the presence of my Gentle Grandma in my bed. Generously, she would share imagination, cookies, (yes, in the bedroom) and Love bites, in between warm flanelette sheets. Our only real threat being Paul The Sweet Toothed Poodle who once ate a whole roll of wintergreen (my favourite!) lifesavers. Otherwise, Life tucked into one wrinkled soul's arms was Pure Bliss!

Thoughts of my Leisurely Youth and it's Magical multitude of loving memories gives me Strength as I look upon one Brave young Warrior I Am So Proudly Growing. This Curious Mind that watches my every move. Dear and Precious heart that fills my World with Love.

What Joy to be a Child again. To forever Play and Eagerly Dance in to the Light of one more closing day. A pleasure I am eternally Grateful to be able to so Authentically Share. I believe if I soon close my eyes, I too will be There!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Kaelin was taken in September 2003 by Katherine Marion of

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