Super Natural Woman

Words : Blessings From Above & Fire Down Below

Sun Oct 5, 2003 (1:00pm)

"We are so very Blessed!" I exclaim to my son, as I hold him tenderly. "Do you know that?" I ask my little Lover of Life as we dance a Dance Of Thanks in our tiny kitchen. "Yes' he contentedly murmurs as he wraps long legs firmly around his loving Mummy. My Greatest Gift in this often times arduous Journey brings Smiles to my Happy Heart as Kaelin buries his beautiful face against my proffered neck to hold me as close as any Twin Soul could ever Hope.

Smoke and flames "From here on in, we are wrapping this whole building in Light - every Night!" I remind my only Child. Better than going down in a blanket of smoke, as did the suite directly below us, this morning. Fortunately the Female tenant escaped with her life. Unfortunately, not the same can be said of her 500 sq. foot gutted corner balcony suite on the 11th floor, situated near Stanley Park.

It can pay to sleep in on the Lord's Day! First, one must have a good home insurance policy. Secondly, a night spent in the living room is essential. She says a picture just happened to fall off the bedroom wall, hit a large halogen lamp and set the bed on fire. Surely, one more reason to be a confirmed couch potato!

My little Homeschooler's (talk about lessons...) sketches one more illustration of the flames he saw looming high up into the sky, this early morning. He pencils in the dark details of ominous plumes of smoke that threatenly sweep upwards towards the only home he knows. This wee soul goes through the motions of clearing one more Life experience we have again survived.

Again, safely protected (we can pretend, anyway) on top of this Wanting World, we are in our 14 story (many torrid tales later...) high-rise. Safely burning incense and lighting tea lights as we send loads of Luscious Love out to the hurting and hungry masses who never know how to ever really meet their needs or attend to their higher selves. We continue to count our Blessing and Honour every Perfect and Precious Moment we Live to the fullest on this and every new and Supernatural Day!

- Katherine A. Marion

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