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Words : Pedalling - The Truth!

Sat Oct 25, 2003 (2:00am)

Katherine riding around Lost Lagoon The most Amazing 1 1/2 hour bike ride around the Stanley Park Seawall, False Creek, Granville Island and Kitsilano. It's been too many long weeks since I last felt the calming night breeze sift it's friendly fingers through my love lost locks. My restless legs and thirsty lungs almost forgot the exquisite delight of a 'good pump' and fresh sea sprayed air!

Capturing the most beautiful renderings of Siwash Rock and English Bay beyond Sunset, I ride with Reverence, into the Welcoming arms of one more fearless darkening Dusk. Revelling in the soothing calm of the Pacific Ocean's mirror-like surface, I persist in pedalling onward...

Past dumpster divers, a singing cyclist and the new brightly lit neon of Quayside Marina, I contentedly bicycle. With fascination I gaze upon the multi-diamond orb of Science World, before discussing Campbell's upcoming April 2004 cutback with a social worker at Tent City.

Hearing of The Coalition meeting for the Homeless at 5:30pm this Monday, at the Downtown Eastside Community Centre, I gladly promise to attend. As the cities' Concerned and Conscious congregate, I shall share my Truth and tell my story. Promising to bring my camera, my Unwavering Heartbeat and my trusty pen, this Consciousness Raising Correspondent finally coasts off...

Breathlessly winding my Inspired way back home, over the Burrard Street Bridge, I lay witness to Friday night's Unconscious Carnage as Insanities Spillage speeds forth over territories trespassed and boundaries yet to break. Two wheeled, and looking Freedom bravely in the face, I Freely pedal with Inner Resolve and Newfound Power.

Letting Go of all that is inhumanely and sadly rehearsed, I Find Myself again, with the Great and Growing depths of the Infinite Universal Wisdom. Fully Engaged and Immeasurably Immersed!

- Katherine A. Marion

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