Super Natural Woman

Words : My own 'Pot O' Gold'

Tues September 16, 2003 (4:00pm)

The most amazing Rainbow spreads it's multi-hued wings over Coal Harbour. As the cooling September rain falls, the colour intensifies to take on the most pure and breathtaking proportions... An Omen.

I am my own 'Pot O' Gold' at the end of the Rainbow. My Heart pounds as steady as the impassioned scarlet that beats between the petals of the budding rose.

Kaelin looking out at a rainbow My Feet are as quicksilver is to golden sparkles of fairy dust, that fly between the tree tops of a Stanley Park forest.

My Hands are the continual warmth of expansive green gossamer that grows upward, like spreading fingers that fan a slow goodnite, after smoothing a healing balm over North Shore Mountains.

My Eyes are as clear as the cleanest amber, found feasting their loving gaze over tranquil waters of Lost Lagoon.

My Lips hold the pinkest blush of a hushed promise of Peace, that speaks in softened whispers of sweet everythings, to a world of brilliance of everlasting beauty.

My Ears are the subtlest subdued shades of yellowed honey, sending sweet nectar to my stirring soul.

My Mind is as priceless as the powerful amethyst, glistening in the Pacific pulsating with precious and eternal life.

My Spirit is the bluest brush of slender hope that spreads swiftly across a windswept sky, between spaces of whitened gossamer, that swoop down swiftly, to never die.

Within all that Nature graciously bestows upon me, as far as I can forever see, I am the best I can Be.

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph was taken in September 2003 by Katherine A. Marion of

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