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Words : Honour Thyeslf and Thy Children

April 20, 2004 6:10pm Homeowner's Network News Article


April edition of Homelearners´┐Ż Network News
Issue No. 3 for 2003-2004: April 2004

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Honour Thyself and Thy Children

Self Taught is what we all are. It's just that most of us won't admit it... For, then we would have to Accept the fact (an often sorry one...) that we made Choices. That the Responsibility is ours. There is no one left to 'blame'...

'Take the Best. And Leave the Rest' is one of my own Favourite mottos I espouse wherever I go. There are no compromises or sacrifices in my Life. Ideals and Integrity are Integral. I am creating my World. And, what a wondrous Creation it Forever Be!

People are always asking me, "You home school? That must be hard work!" Not at all. Being a healthy and happy role model is simply the most natural thing for me. All I had to do was 'let go' of 'those' and 'that' which no longer (if ever...) mattered. Continually adding 'essential ingredients' to my Luscious Life; my own recipe for unmitigated Personal Success!

"A Child learns by example" is something we've all heard. Thus, to be the Best that we can Be is all we must Do. Done!

When we open ourselves to Love - we teach the vast and varied multitudes around us to come from a Higher place of Compassion and Understanding. Thereby, elevating the Consciousness of the masses.

You can read a thousand books and still Live a Lie. You can teach algebraic equations and never know how to add up the truth. You can have the prettiest set of encyclopaedias practically memorized, to one day realize you've never seen a Llama eye to unblinking eye. You can pass all the 'stats' as one more sun sets without you...

Our Children are the Leaders of a new and Braver Future. This means our only 'work' is to be the Winners of the Now! To wean ourselves of addictions, fixations, and unconscious compulsions. Enjoy and fully appreciate the Moment, for this is the only Real and Valuable Gift we may leave. From whence we came - Love - is All that Matters...

Katherine A. Marion

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