Super Natural Woman

Words : Plenty of Fish in the Sea

May 2004

Mommy, can fish see in the dark?" my inquisitive little boy asks me. He's just completed one more un-schooling project as put forth by this Big Fish. A Delectable piece of multi coloured art is held directly in front of my appraising eyes. Soon , two not so tiny gold Fish shall be looking upon one more still life that will surely light up the room, from behind the glass tank where it shall soon Supremely reside.

"I am Sure they can see all they need to See"' I offhandedly remark to one wee and curious Artist. Reassured, Kaelin allows his Adoring Parent to place the one Gorgeous Seascape where his two finely finned new Friends may look upon a work of Love, with Absolute bubble blowing Appreciation.
My Heart Smiles as I remember this Magical scene from yesterday. Ever vivid in my mind's eye are a few more Supernatural moments that I shall forever Cherish.

We all See as far and as deep as we Permit ourselves. When we Honour the Highest parts of ourselves and others, we reach upon an Infinity that is Ours to Explore until the end of a Time others may only Perceive. I am so utterly and absolutely Grateful to my child who in his all Almighty Innocence has reaffirmed that Awareness brings answers before unheard.

As I lay down with my Earthly Angel this early morn I shall close my eyes and see a whole new world unfold. Blessed be the Laughing Babies and the Fishies who Freely continue to swim upstream. For they are the only Truth we must carefully follow as we Find our way upon life's endlessly weaving River. Now, if only to stop and Rest for a most Wondrous while....ZZZZZZZZZ

With The Deepest of Knowing,

Katherine A. Marion

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