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Words : Saving The Earth - One Face at a Time

July 9, 2004

Katherine eating on rocks We have all heard the all too common philosophical debate: 'Nature or Nurture?' Well, we can't have one without the other - whether we be Sister or Brother - Earth is our foremost and firstly firmly planted Mother. Some might believe in the theory of Evolution with Goddess Eve, Adam, the snake, and a deadly apple in the Garden of Eden. Others may choose Creation as their God - Given choice of Homo Sapiens conception. Either way, "Nurture with Nature" is our World's optimal and most natural form of supreme and rawsomely ripe selection.

At this year's annual 'Taste of Health' hosted by EarthSave Canada I have been elected as one of the select few 'Celebrity Chef's' to make a delicious and most delectable guest appearance. Within the fun and earnest Earthiness of my one hour overview, my Homeschooling mini Raw Chef and I shall share a luscious little of how we deliciously live our rawsome life, to the fullest and the fairest that we so innately know. Two precious lives wondrously 'slice it up� in a delectable one hour "Alive and Lov'n It" raw food prep show.

Sally Errey �, Tonya Kay -, Vesanto Melina -, and Brendan Brazier are the rest of the raving health enthusiasts speaking their voices, lifting spirits, and raising non floured chef hats. From Single Mother/Poetess, published Author, raw food Athlete, Registered Dietician to vegan Athlete and 'back to Earth' again ... As your mind is filled with 'food for thought' - your ever expansive horizons are guaranteed to never be the taste sampling same. A Healthy Constitution and Consciousness Raising Compendium be one Earth begotten feast. 'From the Garden to your Kitchen' is the flavourful theme of this upcoming fulfilling weekend of August 13th - 15th - to surely be succulently savoured and remembered for all the Truth to soon be told. Ancient secrets of old brought back fresh with message clear. Two Life - Saving days soon to be here...

At the newly appointed Chinese Cultural Center over 5000 people will pass through once closed gates to enter into a refreshing network of newsworthy data and noteworthy speakers. Dr. Douglas Graham - Author, Advisor, Founder, and Teacher at The Hippocrates Institute shall spread his Wisdom. While Frankie Choi practices the sacred art of the Ancient Masters as he continues to teach 'Vitality Tai Chi' to wowing audiences who bend and breathe to the gentle persuasions of a focused mind and healing body. There shall be Organic vendors, Entertainers and many an open - minded souls- bending body and mending soul at one more yummy vegetarian event of all things thoughtful and whole.

'It is a Jungle out there' - so 'buyer beware'. All that is Bold, Bright and Beautiful is to be saved as a dessert - merely for hungry eyes. Anything sporting two pupils, running on a set of furry legs, or wearing a coat warmer than yours - never dies! At one more Earth Saving and singularly unique 'sporting event' - you and your delightful Family shall never again wonder where the lard went - as you treat your Highest Self to all goodies and Earth Gifted goodness - Heaven Sent!

Katherine A. Marion - Earthling Goddess and Blessed Mother

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These photographs of Katherine and Kaelin were taken in Lighthouse Park on July 13, 2004 8:30pm (1/640s @ f/2.8) with a Canon S50 by Peter Jones

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