Super Natural Woman

Words : Nature's Child

Friday, July 30th, 2004

Allowing a small procession of Ants to crawl over my Willing Body as busy Bees buzz alongside me ... I lay upon the sunburned grass. Gazing out upon the Brilliant blanket of Bluest Ocean of Kits Point, I can barely hear the rush of Point Grey traffic behind my Resting Ear.

I Bask under an all Forgiving Sun as Kaelin Contentedly gathers Ripe pickings of fresh Blackberries from a nearby overloaded hedge, plump with possibility... Upon Bare branches of a Neighbouring Tree, a Crow, as Black as Midnight, holds lonely vigil. Clinging to a fragile branch, he looks out over his Self Appointed terrain. Finally, he lets go ... to Fly!

Over a dozen shiny sailboats Serenely sit upon rolling Waves that make room for those with Patience and a set of well worn Wings to Safely Guide them on their Conscious Course. With Smiling sails lit up by the Evening Light, even man - made vessels are duly Allowed to take long awaited flight ...

"Listen to the Sounds of Nature", I duly remind Myself, slowly pressing my Chest against the solid Ground beneath Me. Closely, I inspect a tiny Red Ant, as he Expertly traverses the Golden flecked length of a blonde hair upon my suntanned Arm. And, I begin to feel my Heartbeat... again. Slow, steady, rhythmic beats of a Woman who Knows, "Now is is the only ' time ' I shall ever have to to Rightfully name as My Blessed Own!

Katherine A. Marion

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