Super Natural Woman

Words : In My Power

August 1th, 2004

Sunrise A Loving Sun embraces Me, as I Gratefully stand beneath it's Reassuring Rays. I am as liquid Sunshine, emitting Energy from my Source. Refuelling, Recharging and Renewed.

Remembering all that I am Worth and Immeasurably meant to Be. Understanding The Truth and what True Success is for Me.

Giving to Myself all the Love I may ever need. Seeing Myself as a tiny seed ... planted upon this Earth to Grow in Joy. Only to look after Me and my little Boy.

Flooded with a Warmth that undeniably denies all Earthly description. I am filled with Purpose and a Sense of all that is Brave and Bright.

If this Be a Brilliant new Day Dawning ... Then I am surely the Brightest Light!


Katherine A. Marion

This photograph was taken at Coal Harbour on July 27, 2004 6:30am with a Canon Digital Rebel by G Mctavish

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