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Words : EarthSave Potluck with Sour Green Apples

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Katherine in park It was this Supernatural Single Momma who brought the 2 prize winning platters of Supernatural Summer Sensation Salads to the overflowing cooked food buffet. My Thoughtful Gift from the cooked crowd was, of course, a Cook Book!

Maureen, a most Lovely Lady whom I met earlier in the week with my Son and a Grateful Photography client ( at the Living Source Cafe ( 1111 Commercial Street - ph: 604 -254 - 3338 ) is the Sweet Soul whom suggested I visit the monthly Vancouver Potluck. Even though, I am a Rawsome Organic Vegan - I decided to follow my Instincts and the Light of a Lady with whom I Feel I Share a Glowing Connection.

It was the same white haired Nurturer who drove us home, proceeding a roomful of programmed Festivities, who curiously inquired, " Will there be anything in there for You and your Son?" I then told her, " After all these years, I have let go of recipes. I Allow my Instincts to Guide Me". My Truth Honouring table mate Understandingly nodded her Kind Head as she Attentively continued to Watch and Listen to Frankie Choi as his deftly carried out his Tai Chi presentation, before going on to Wow the hungry crowds at next upcoming weekend's Taste of Health ( at The Chinese Cultural Center.

I still Remember the "Almost Raw Pie" that one nearly Raw do - gooder decided to set at the long table, lined with sushi, steamed rice salad and baked chocolate cake. Too bad about that "egg replacer" he felt compelled to use, once he Discovered he had run out of psyllium ( hopefully the unprocessed husks ). Simply one of the Raw Struck Reasons I Felt so Elated when my 'new Friend's and Old Soulmate's: The Open Hearted troupe from the "only 100% Raw Cafe in Vancouver" walked in the unclosed door , Carefully carrying all that is Infinitely Divine and Truly Delicious.

The Sweet Brunette that Happily served me a slice of Heaven , with a Soaring Soul of a Smile, Politely asked me, " How does it taste?" Without a Magical Moment of hesitation, my most Rawsome Response was " Like a Mouthful of Dreams!" A Sensuous swirl of the Freshest Pink Raspberry stirred with Love and Live Coconut for a Yummy and Consciousness Raising Crust, responded with all the Warmth any cooled Dish of Delectables could ever so Simply and Succulently Offer.

Although, I must Willingly Admit, it was the Welcome Feast of Beautiful Bruised apples from a Mighty Old Tree which was the Ultimate Find of the Eve. Of course, it would have to be One Supernatural Boy who would lead a lingering few of us closer to an Untouched Beauty that no unnatural heat from any oven could ever Hope to Sustain, let alone, unconsciously contain. Outside where Gardens Grow with emptied Minds of their very Own. Where busy minded adults, alongside one wee Leader must be taken by the tired hands and Compassionately shown ...

Katherine with big salad Unfortunately for Janice, the not so Silent Witness, who decided it was her job to inform me, via email, of a long and lengthy list of my various assorted 'shortcomings'. noted at tonight's monthly meeting of overflowing digestive tracts. Of course, I sent her a Joyously Juicy Rejoinder with all the Raw and unspoiled Truth any cooked head could ever Conceivably have the Supernatural Good Fortune to maybe one New Day, slowly slurp up!

And, I Am Still .... so Girlishly, Giddily Glad I took the Opportunity to recite my Thought Provoking Poem - " A Broken Shell" to the Mindful Master and his Apprentice, who both Faithfully Practice the 40 move sequence ( a total of about 45 minutes) moves of an Ancient Art. After Frankie's moving rendition of Nature and the Wholeness We Can Effortlessly Return To ... I Knew I had to Share The Truth that was Given To Me, so many years of Love and Light - ago.

After all, isn't it always the sour Green Apples that sit by the polluted roadside, that no one even thinks to stoop and pick up, that go woundedly without. It's always the Tender ones that don't See their own Fragile Beauty that forever remain hidden from sight. The saddened many that throw their acid venom another's way, because they have not found their Own ...

I Shall Proudly and Loudly Proclaim : " Thanks to all those whom Possess the Courage to place themselves out on the limb ... to fully Bloom and Rise to their Greatest Heights. For those whom have fallen, have a look over here.... You are not ever gonna blow out these Glorious Supernatural Lights!

With Humour and Honesty,

Love Katherine

P.S. Only The Truth Tastes Better after The Blessed Bite ...

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