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Words : Living Through Source

Sun September 26, 2004 - Under a Full Mother Moon

Self Sustainability, Permaculture and the most Consciousness Raising Calzone's this side of a new and Rawsome Reality. A class of 18 Conscientious Compadre's climbing the same Rawk'n road marked by crushed Chipote Peppers, Celtic Salt, Sun dried Tomatoes, firmly placed between soaked and dehydrated Buckwheat babies.

A roomful of Awakening Souls, soaking up New Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom, as they open their Hearts and fill their hungry bellies. The Raw Revival is on!

Forming a Co - Creative Collective is comparable to how a Child named Chucky, and another called Christine, begin to Individually make a sandcastle in the sand. A little bit of Nature - Pure and Pristine. One Shared Sun streaked Dream. A lotta muck'n around ... And, Ole! Right in front of you, there is a Whole beachfront of near naked Truth Tellers, baring their belly buttons, utilizing their God Given Imagination, and Embracing all the Supernatural Power that has always been and Forever shall Be : Innately One's Own. Before a 'dirt' splattered muddied monster can holler "Mud Pie", there's a Caring Community of Parents, Grandparents, and barking Puppies chipping in to fill in the gaping holes of the once quickly eroding Castle Walls.

All it takes is a little time to Listen. And, lots of Space to Play. The seeds of Life can be re - planted. It's already happening. So what if it takes more than a day. Can you hear it? Remove any self limiting obstacles that before got in your Wondrous Way. Open your Mind and Let Go of whomever and whatever does not work for you and your Upgraded Vision of what you are and all you were ever meant to See. One more Treasure Finding Herself by the Sea. Creating yourself in your own Blessed Image. This Delicious Re - Birthing session will Assuredly set your Searching Soul Free!

Newborns are never afraid to demand what they Desire. Love to replace any unconscious and needless fear. It is our Birthright to Receive all all that we are Divinely due. Unfortunately, the Chosen Ones that Choose to Realize this Hope are far and Famous Few. Go for the ground Golden Flax. Wear the Precious Crown of Calzone, topped with Sunflower Seed Cheese, under an Indian Summer Sun. Soon, kicking one's hell - bent heels off, to cool mercifully in a Raw - Struck River of frozen Banana Coconut Cream Pie. For, it is only when we so Rightly Allow our old Self to die, that we Dare to grab ourselves by the long, lost cajone's. This is when we are finally Able to find The Taste Tempting Truth that's always been there!

Chris Iversen's Beginner and Advanced Living Food Chef Certification Course is not simply seedy stuff for the light headed or heavy Hearted. Not for long! As you spread your newly sprouting wings to Assuredly stir and Patiently pat ... Heart - shaped loaves, full of sprouted Energy, Love and Life, you will begin to Breath easier. A Braver World where Innocent Boys turn into ManKind. A soothing Eternal Spring where every Goddess designs her own Ring. A Love - filled Land where Timeless task is taken to All - Knowing Hand. Where all Heart's are One, as worn on the Cuisinart splattered sleeve of a Generous Role Model, who has somehow found the Strength to Synergistically help Support other's in The Eternal Quest to again, Believe.

The Living Source Cafe at 1111 Commercial Drive is where it's all happen'n. The heat is off. The stove is "a great chopping board" and the all studious students are kept on their feet, as they gleefully digest the Magical Manifestation of another Spirit Soaring appetite - filled with some Sinless and Sumptuous Sensation. Sister and Brother - to Divinely Discover within this Delicious Class, The Freedom to Express themselves as they deem fit. Whether it be at the Trusty controls of the cooling motor of a top of the line Vita Mixer with all the gadgets. Or, with pen on paper, while munching upon those last Okanogan Farm Fresh Apple slices, painlessly sliced with a Priceless non - oxidyzing ceramic knife. Cut the Living Calzone. This has just got to be what we have all been secretly waiting for - a Simpler, Saner and Safer Way of Life!

With Bountiful Blessings and All The Best of Life's Beauty,

Love Katherine

P.S. See you at next weekend's ' Sunday School ' class


These photographs were taken in September 2004 by Katherine A. Marion of with an Olympus 35MM Camera.


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