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Words : New Year Message

New Year's Day Jan 1, 2003

Can you believe it! Guess I'll be practicing my 3's with Kaelin, this year. Who knows, maybe he'll write me a series of $1,000,000 cheques this year! It was a mere 2-3 years or so ago (he would have been a tiny 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 at the time) that he doled me out millions (on my personal chequing account - with my own cheques). Is that why the big 'gift basket' hasn't arrived yet! Soon...

I know my inner resources to be vast and endless. Thus, this year I'll be practicing on an external plane, the gracious art of Receiving. Prosperity be mine...!

This year as much as evermore, I celebrate this love affair with my son. And the wondrous world that has opened up for me, since my heart so hugely and happily expanded.

I wish you all the magic you ever dreamed. And the imagination to make it happen...!

Happy New Year!

Love & Luscious Life,

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