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Words : You Look At Me

Saturday, January 29th, 2005  -  6:25 AM


You Look At Me

Was a Woman ever so Blessed
To Love a Son such as You?

Where am I without you Now
To Hold my hand upon your cheek?

How was I to Know
They would take you from our home?

Do you Remember how
I hugged you upon that morn?

Can you ever Forgive Me
For opening up the door to them?

Will you Keep your Heart
From growing cold like theirs?

Why does this Love of Ours
Scare them to this utter despair?

Where might I Find You
To Keep You Safe from any harm?

When shall We Live Again
For all those empty lives we've Saved?


Katherine A. Marion


I caught a little Boy named Kaelin, with my shutter and Heart, wide open ...

This photograph was captured by Katherine Marion -, on Friday, January 28th, 2005 with a canon digital rebel

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