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January 2009

Katherine's Supernatural Birthday Wish List - Jan 09 onward ...

                I AM

Attracting, as only a magical magnet may ... the most glorious rays of sunshine my wondrous way. In the form of heartfelt friends, Supernatural supporters, loyal fans, beautiful benefactor's, and full ownership of my almighty Power.

Co-creating with an extremely talented graphics artist; producing the most Supernatural series of, postcards, posters and and moment's to market and sell, so that I may be paid royally, to LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE. Inspiring others to do the same ...

Hosting my own success story of a worldwide web t.v. show ( as I once did with "Katherine and Friends" - ). Syndicate my Supernatural series with a technical team that believes in me and what I am sending forth. Victor Malerik ( veteran journalist - of "W5" and "20/20" told me a long time ago, that I reminded him of Osho and that he had "never met anyone that could talk" like me. More inspiration ...

Publishing my "New York Times Bestseller" - "Supernatural Secrets ..." coming out on the shelves on my 50th Birthday - Jan 5th, 2010. Forget the Olympics coming to Vancouver, a couple of years later. Let's get our priorities straight!

Thoroughly healing my frozen right shoulder that is functioning at a mere 25% capacity, due to being a "one woman team'. Healers with the highest integrity and sense of self, supporting me as I attain full balance, beauty and breath in my luscious life.

Resting in Peace, while I am living. Being offered the opportunity to travel as I am paid to write, speak and reveal my passions and purity and heart.

Actively involved with my various peaking engagements, interviews, and showcases; revealing the Light and Love within this Supernatural Woman and Inspiring others to find the same and sanest within themselves.

Starring in my own documentary; revealing the hero/ine within us all.

Financially funded for writing my breathtaking script concerning Kaelin's 2004 apprehension by the B.C. government; further permitting us to heal and help others with our knowledge and wisdom.

Literally watching the movie of my past life, air, as I cry with tears of relief that it is all over and my re-birth is something even more blessed to behold and be held by many in their happier hearts and more enriched lives.

Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor, so that I may be paid to heal and further stretch my child-like imagination to rawsome realms, before unthought. Tapping into my Highest Intentions.

Sleeping during the night and allowing my circadium rhythm to catch up with me. My adrenals and endocrine system coming back to health with no further cause for concern in my consciousness-raising life, where outside forces accept who I am and that my inner beauty needs to be permitted to shine as a brilliant mirror for others.

Synergyzing with my genius 12 year old homelearner, helping him promote his amazing "Krazy King Kaelin" hand-painted t-shirts and living the life of Peace and Contentment we once began with ...

Watching Kaelin fly through the onset of puberty, easily and effortlessly, as he remains grounded and sees and understands his true strength and infinite power to do and be anything and everything he chooses.

Owning the perfect situated plot of pure and precious land, where we till our own soil and learn to live off of the land that loves and feeds us all.

Building the cob or straw bale home we have been creatively envisioning, for enchanting eons.

Co-creating a Goddess-sent community where common sense rules and spiritual laws prevail.

Supporting the regaining of health for others as I teach by guidance and example .. upon my Rawsome Retreat.

I am welcoming all donations, benefactor's, gifts and talents as I bring in a new year and an even more delicious future.

Supernaturally Believing and Receiving,

Katherine is a good place to send funds and funding for a healthy and consciousness-raising cause.

Katherine A. Marion

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