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Words : I AM HOME

Fri, June 30th, 2006

Katherine and Kaelin

Katherine and Kaelin Laying upon a gorgeous green carpet of sun kissed grass, in the back lane, I watch with child-like fascination, a bumble bee nonchalantly buzzes by me. The tiniest little bug crawls across the blue lined pages of my journal as I listen to the barking of a neighbour's fenced-in dog. A lone crow caws, above me, as he patiently sits, calling out to his extended family. I envision photographing, with a macro lens, the pollination of nearby clover. All to soon I am awakened from my Summer's Dream by a seemingly near to harsh reality;the playing of bagpipes, next door. Is it really time to awaken?

Feeling the whisper of a faint breeze softly playing upon my heated and hungry skin, I give Thanks for the Abundance this Glorious Universe sends my wondrous way. And as I open my Grateful eyes, what do you suppose I happily happen to see? The beaming and most beautiful face of my precious boy looking across at Blessed Me.

'Mommy, I'm home!' he enthusiastically exclaims, as a fresh patch of perfectly placed freckles, plunk themselves down beside me. Smiling, I look deep into these exquisite clear green eyes that offer only Love. It is all to apparent in the light of a brave and Beautiful New Day that I am looking into the most Magical Mirror that I have ever created.

"Bless you, Sweet Boy of mine, " I reply to Kaelin before he lovingly offers me a scrumptuous kiss and a sweaty handful of freshly picked raspberries. Accepting Nature's plentiful Gifts, I feel my Happiest Heart expand as I thrill to the taste of Summertime's Sweetness, along with the tender touch of berry sweetened lips upon my own. With pure and innocent rapture, we realize that if Heaven were to ever find a final resting place ... we are already there!

Katherine Marion
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