Super Natural Woman

Words : 'Touching' with Jacques Lalonde

Friday, August 7th, 2006

"My book 'The Seven Points of Touch' is finished" my Actor/Writer/Producer friend imforms me from a relaxed prone position on my faithful massage table. I listen with fascination as Jacques Lalonde deftly delves into a few thought provoking chapters that shall surely help Heal a whole lotta lives.

Later, lovable Lalonde shares the all too promising plot of his upcoming September play at the Fringe. 'The Unbreakable Popsicle Stick Gang' is a tribute to Motherhood and all Promises made and kept. Bring an Open Heart and be prepared to safely release tears that have for too long gone unshed. Yes, a Son's Loving Gratitude can be an uplifting Joy - bringing Hope to other Heart's that still have yet to Bravely sing.

After a couple of hours of therapeutic massage and the most Consciousness Raising warm embrace, I send one sweet soul home, with a "Supernatural Salad to go". My Garden of Love ever expanding and my Beautifully Clear Mind fully undertanding the Immense Beauty brought directly to Blessed Me. Af far as my Healing Hands and glistening eyes can forever Thankfully See!


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