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Wednesday, November 6th, 2006

Kaelin fully appreciates the great poets. Reading Longfellow, Yeats and Robert Louis Stevenson; I can clearly see my son's precious preference is for the haunting works of Edgar Allen Poe. Long, scary ballads that climb like a shiver ... up the spine, slicing open the heart ... and remaining forever impaled ... within in the cobwebbed corridors of the magical mind.

We read a few whimsical verses from Shakespeare before closing in on another well spent hour. Tucking my fair skinned poet safely into bed, I place a deserved kiss on his rosy lips to forever seal our perfect love. Leaving the bedroom to sit upon the coach and reflect upon the events of one more delicious day, I spy a six foot skeleton of a man sitting across from me. Laughing aloud, I join my beautiful boy in one more hint of post Halloween hell raising.

Opening my Gratitude journal, I thank my ever lucky stars for headless horsemen and precious little boys. Feasting my eyes upon the witches that fly upon the broomsticks along the the walls of our livingroom, I breathe in all the beauties Love does so freely bring. Knowing I am blessed to be reader, writer and witness to all. Yet, most thankful am I to always be seen and remembered by one hallowed soul as a Devoted Mother who who loved with all her miraculous might. Surely all I require ... to go Peacefully into one more good nite!


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