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Words : A Grape Recipe For Supernatural Success

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Kaelin, my happy homeschooler, not so legibly writes:

1 cup chopped coconut
1 vanilla bean
1 very big mitsu apple
1 cup pure water
2 cups grapes
3 large ripe bananas
2 heaping spoons of honey ( of course, the most vital ingredient )

as he carefully licks the blender clean Under the bright light above the stove ( which is now used only as a storage unit ) we count out what deliciously adds up to be five overflowing cups of organically rawsome smoothie!

Today was the final day of The Famers Market ( every Wednesday at Riley Park - from Spring to Fall ). Organic foods fresh from the vine have kept us rooted and supported in our raw beliefs. Living perfection plucked fresh from Mother Earth's bountiful garden has been our magical mainstay for many a mouthwatering month. Klippers, Fortbauer Farm and Langley Grower's, were gonna miss ya!

So, why not whip up a creamy celebration of conscious living? Everything except the sticky vanilla bean and the hairy coconut are locally grown. It was even the busy buzz of neighbouring honey bees that helped produce West Coast Nectar from Arila Apiary ( one of my Son's favourite natural sweeteners ). What better kind of sweet closing deal from which to kiss our dear local farmer's goodbye. Wishing so many hardworking souls a yummy holiday full of Love and plenty of renewed strength for the upcoming growing season.


See you November 4th for the first of the monthly Winter's Farmers Makets ( WISE Hall - 1882 Adanac Street at Victoria Drive ). For more information please call 604-879-FARM



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