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Words : Remembering The Sacred

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Happy Remembrace Day to those whom have lost loved ones. Gaining new insights can be a painful experience. Even a minute of Grace called upon to commemerate so many who fought for their beloved countries doesn't dissolve the bullets or bring back to life the precious and once beating hearts who shoud have been permitted to rightfully keep their own.

What we must do as a Conscious Community is bring our full Awareness into the Present. By holding healthy vigil over all and everyone that is Sacred in our lives we Create an indelible force field of Love that connot ever be penetrated. No man, no weapon, no false idol, no unkind act can ever hope to infiltrate the impenetrable. There are no losers in this war. Not even a battle ensues ...

Winning is remaining conscious in Light of darkness that often seems to attempt to overthrow and conquer at every turn. Losing is when one and many lose sight of the Unlimited Potential to forgive, let go, and move forward ... Peace is when we Choose to redefine, in order to Divinely align, so that we may support one another as we reclaim our Highest Selves.

Katherine A. Marion

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