Super Natural Woman

Words : Remembering To Walk, Dance and Laugh

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Your old Aunt is ninety-five years old, you know? The other day I was sitting in my wheelchair, which I've been in for too long now, and I said, 'I'm not going to be in this old thing for the rest of my life.' And, I got up ... and walked!" my Great Aunt Thelma excaimed. I'd phoned one of my all time favourite personalities to wish her a Happy Remembrance Day and read her my latest article; 'Remembering The Sacred', and here I was, once again, gifted with the remarkable!

Over in Langley, with the volume turned up high, due to progressive hearing loss, my Dearest Auntie heard a roar of laughter coming in from her greatest neice in Vancouver. "Halelujah!" I ecstatically announced, over the overwhelmingly positive turn of events. So undeniably proud of my "old Aunt" for not giving up Hope. What more glowing news could a poppy-wearing partisan be extraordinarily pleased to impart?

Excitedly, I regale my ten year old son with the latest turn of the everflowing tide. Listening intently; my wee and imaginative soul inquires "you mean she got out of her wheelchair and danced?" Peals of Laughter are emitted from one devoted Mother who can still remember to Laugh as one bright eyed Child smiles with knowing satisfaction. "No" I said "She got out of her wheelchair and walked." "Well, maybe she'll Dance when she turns one-hundred!" Kaelin counters. Laughing together, we both enjoy anothr highlight of one more fulfilling day.

"She's the brains in the family. She's the brains" my Amazing Aunt proudly proclaims to her caregiver, Thelma, forever constant and at her faithful side. "I'm so proud of you, Dear. Do proud of you" I am elated to hear over the airwaves. "Now you send me that piece of writing, you hear? As soon as you can. You send me that ... " I am reminded in conscious closing before I vow to one incredible woman " I promise" and leave " I love you" to lovingly land upon far from deaf ears!

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