Super Natural Woman

Words : Healing Of The Divine Mother

Wednesday, November 23, 2006

The soulful stirrings "spontaneously composed" by local musical emprassario Paul Armitage fill my innermost expanses with Infinite Joy. As I lay upon my blessed bed with heaven - sent boy, I am reminded of a reverance for life; filled with magic infinitely flowing through each and every conscious soul.

Healing Of The Divine Mother is a flawless and fabulously flowing work of "museart" that opens the most tender channels of an ever hopeful heart and liberates the seemingly endless labrynth that lies within the multiplicities of the mind. "A musical evocation" calling forth a universe of delicious divinities; delivers the Goddess in all her impassioned Glory to earthbound Angels that fearlessly call her Blessed Name. Infulsed with raw intuition and brought into spine tingling existence with the Infinite Power of Unconditional Love; one mere mortal man fully embraces the Awe Inspiring Beauty of The Divine Mother found within the highest parts of all her dearly Beloved Children.

Katherine Marion

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