Super Natural Woman

Words : Inside Dreams Come True

Monday, August 14th, 2006

I still fondly remember the absolute exuberance I felt last night as I pedaled with a feline fury towards a glorious full moon that spoke to me of all things mighty and magnificent. Filled with newfound promise, I rode in the arms of courage, right inside the healing heart of Dreams Come True.

This early eve I watch dandelions bend backwards to sow their almighty seeds, under a bright and beautiful sun. Reading private government papers pertaining to me and my misunderstood lifestyle; requested under The Freedom Of Information Act, I soak up Mother Nature's all encompassing Love. Rather than react with justifiable outrage, I laugh, undaunted, into the seemingly large and vastly unbecoming looming face of adversity.

Documented data carefully compiled and filed for too slanderously long, concerning a far from conscientous case study of one innocent single Mother. While certain unconscious affiliates investigate private citizens and choose not to extend warranted compassion, I rest upon sunburned grass that finally lays forgotten under an often unforgiving sun.

Stretching my Goddess - sent suntanned stem more fully, I am realizing myself to truly be a flower of the rarest and finest breed. No longer overshadowed, rising up to come full circle. As I look upon my universe from full and forgiving heights, I smile openly at a world that doesn't always share my expansive views: healing perspective or positive philosophy. Innately understanding that even though the 'powers that be'once wrongly removed my little boy, no matter what whomever slanderously told or mistakedly took, noone and nothing can ever take away my Blessed Joy!

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