Super Natural Woman

Words : May Peace Be Forever Mine

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Awakening to over one dozen white petaled daisies dancing in the gentlest breeze. My sumptuous soul bows down in deepest Gratitude as I humbly give thanks for Mother Nature's Glorious Gifts. Stretching my tanned and able body, I think of myself as a purring and contened Kat. Feeling the muscles in my legs, abdomen and back begin to revive themselves, I eagerly open up my Heart to allow the Joy of a new and Magnifect day to pour forth ...

My Conscious mind brings to light remnants of dreams remembered, letters of Love to write, and Forgiveness to be felt. Surrendering to the currents of emotions coursing through me, I am a tender tide coming to rest upon an undisturbed beach, sparkling with diamonds of new Hope.

Happiness wells ujp inside me as I walk into the living room and silently gaze upn my sleeping Son as he sleeps soundly beneath a canopy of reddest satin. Within his self designed fort he is as safe as any King safely kept within his holy fortress made of Light and Love.

Smiling as would any Queen befoe she calls in her armies and owns her Power as she is aware she must; I breathe in Beauty and bravely I Trust. Knowing I am all that I see myself To Be, I start this new day by once again setting all the prisoners Free.

"May Peace be Forever Mine" I chant to myself. I embrace as only a Mother and a Maker may, every single fear of disquite that comes my Blessed way. Remaining firmly grounded to sow Sacred seeds that grow to full height. I make the most of every quiet moment as I Allow all else to take Pure and Precious flight.

Bringing in my Angels - I stant taller than any shadow ever might. Accepting all the Magic that surrounds me, I become the healthiest mirror - deflecting the darkness to effortlessly be guided into one more Gracious Good Nite.
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