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Words : Rawsome Requim For Peace

Friday, November 17th, 2006

I am so excited concerning officially announcing my divine decision to produce a Supernatural Extravaganza - set to hit center stage as a belated birthday celebration and Rawsome Requim For Peace.

My 47th Birthday! Fourty - Seven Brave, Bold and Beautiful years on this precious planet aligns themselves with other planetary orbits this Janurary 5th, 2006. Nearing the final months end of this new year, I shall have 'peaced' together enough raw - struck live talent to put together a memorable evening - highlighting the not so humble and the hallowed. That right, The Raw Truth as seen through unblinking eyes of Innocence.

There shall be no long shadows cast at my Peaceful party - other than the lithsome curve of my unmistakedly stockinged leg ... Pure and Precious perspective shall take on its own alluring anf far from self rightseously demuring angle.

Halelujah for fearlessly casting aside the iron clad prison sentence others substitute for the dullest sense of Glory and the lost sheen of ungolden silence. My castle is not gaurded nor do I possess henius henchmen that hide and quarter those trembling far from few with whom I do not fashionaby and faithlessly agree. No, my real and only battles are continually confronted and wondrously won by overcoming the unconscious critic never to be fearlessly found in Magical Me!

Katherine A. Marion

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