Super Natural Woman

Words : Love's Unseen Glory

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

I write Love Letters of Gratitude to a few special people. Filling the back of homemade postcards, created on the computer, I feel the Magical Energy that never fails to transport me whenever I fully open my Heart.

The fearless wind continues to blow with an undying vengeance as relentless rains persist. Two yellow roses bend and sway with consumate ease, in the garden, as I lay atop my bed, peeking out from the bedroom window. Capturing for a brief eternity, the endless wonders Nature continually offers...

My Sons scary spiderwebs hang ominously from thorny bushes, now resembling miniature ghostly hammocks, ready to silently carry large bugs and small Children away...

Kaelin soon returns from his Hi - Tech Energy class. Since there will definately be no Sun to align with in Conscious Co-Creation, today's renewable energy project might just be a wind powered turbine! Possibly he'll be awarded first or second prize in his genuis category for one more mind - bending Ingenius Creation. No matter, I shall always welcome him home as I continue to empty my rain boots, while filling up with the blazing rays of Love's Unseen Glory!

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