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Words : November's Cooling Breath

Sunday, November 27th, 2006

Thoroughly enjoying the freeing feeling of fresh snowflakes falling ... to merrily melt upon my refreshened face, I briefly awaken to a well intentioned older gentleman smiling from the protected vantage point of his adjustable parousol, to so wisely suggest "You must have forgotten your umbrella?" A lovely couple "ooh" and "ahhh" in appreciation as I excitedly point out the brightly coloured hues of Autumn leaves left untouched underneath a stunning black and white visual. Nonchalantly skipping to the side of an overweight bough, now lying like a beautiful frozen multi - textured corpse, upon the slippery ground, I make my wondrous way to my favourite neighbourhood gym.

Barely a fosted footprint upon the snowy blankey covering my Son's soccer team playing field. Walking a virtually unmarked path between two sumptuous smelling spruce trees, I feel the cooling breath of tired November as he finally breathes a long winded sigh of relief. Maybe to most reluctantly say; Winter in her most regal form is slowly making her most elegant entrance as felt upon this excruciatingly beautiful day!

Katherine Marion

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