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Words : Don\'t Eat Too Many Icycles Before Dinner, Dear!

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

"I've gotta go back outside now, Mommy. Or my salad will get frostbite!" one bright boy warns me before departing the warmth of our humble home for the chilling outdorrs. I've been folding laundry, upsetting spiderwebs in the corner of the bedroom and clearing away old magazines. And have righfully decided that for now, I shall remain content to keep my blinds open to look upon the winterwonderland that awaits me.

I have been up since 4:30 am this morning; photographing icycles on the porch, plugging in Christmas lights, recieving a gift of warm winter gloves, sorting through hundreds fo assorted archival photographs and being photographed by Kaelin in front of one foot of freshly fallen snow. I'm psyched!

The world is such a magical place to live within when viewed through the innocent eyes of a Child. So blessed am I to be transported back to my own precious childhood to capture each and every splendid moment as it enters my heart to create the happiest Mother on this brightly lit planet.

Katherine Marion

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