Super Natural Woman

Words : Creative Visualization Speaks Volumes

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

I listen carefully to the twitter of little birds that tell me they are happy just to be alive. Behind me, my 92 year old neighbours pear tree waves his naked branches to tempt us with newfound promise of next years sweetest fruit. In front of me, I watch my plants tenaciously holding on, to climb up, towards a sun that teasingly attempts to left her tired head our wondrous way.

My beautiful boy mentally prepares for todays upcoming challenge of a Yu-
G i-Yo tournament, as he lays, in peaceful repose upon his well made bed. I further draw the blinds to protect my soon to be rising Son from the first friendly rays of early morning light. Visualizing a sure-fire win is infinitely more attainable when our subconscious is allowed to readily roam at free will and fully rise to rightfully reign supreme. Besides, the outside world that bends to beckon may always be more artfully tended to, after a well deserved rest.

I'm prousd of Kaelin and I. Last night we burrowed deep into hundred of long buried books and personal journals, which now lovingly line the overflowing bookshelves in our newly crafted studio. For endless months, we have faithfully been transforming a wee 40 x 60 room into one finely appointed artists haven. A balancing board between altered realities. The sweetest sanctuary to undividedly claim as our creative own.

I must gleefully admit to the utter Joy I feel over the offering of a brief and melodious refrain from the swollen clouds that have confronted us for a seemingly brief eternity. A refreshing walk in the newly energized air shall be divine entitlement sent duly forth, after hours of unpacking boxes, organizing papers, clearing and preparing for Absolute Success. Admirably and most admittedly so, this mirror of mine is really beginning to brightly shine!

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