Super Natural Woman

Words : The Snowy Path Of Least Resistance

November 26th, 2006

"I followed your footprints all the way here!" my rapidly melting little man proudly proclaims as he looks lovingly upon me. Dripping under the unatural glow of our local organic grocers, all I can do is smile in childlike wonder. The boy on a blue bicycle, who so adores his Mommy he would gladly follow her in close to zero emperatures, with no snow tires and one mitt; to the ends of the ice-tipped earth - or at least one mile as the boudlessly energetic snow bunny hops.

No umbrella could protect my beaming boy from the great gust of glorious snows that descended upon us today. Not a missing mitten or a forgotten pair of snow shoes could keep this playful kitten from frollicking with his friends as they played within a magically whitened world. And, nary will a willful shopkeepers son dare blurt out a distainful word, as I happily walk away, alongside the everlasting warmth of my glorious Son. Gladly to go, into the refreshing chill of the brightly lit outdoors, leaving a pure and precious puddle, where a thirsty world may safely take float , upon the clean and polished floor.

Wrapping outstretched arms around my playful pup, I offer the warmest embrace that any snowcapped eve or winters dream could effortlessly trace. Perfectly poised and preciosly placed atop the whitest perfection of my heart song's happy face, I see all the Joy that any boy could offer to his brightest and shining star. Together to now look into the gleaming eyes of only Grace; we find our wondrous way home...

Katherine Marion

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