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Words : Snow Angels

Saturday, November 26th, 2006

My rosy cheeked boy flies on ice covered wings, through the front door of our little brown cottage. "Mommy, Mommy, can I go back and play with my friends? Please? Please?" the most exuberant ten year old any Mother could ever ask for, implores. "Of course, sweetheart" I reply to my radiant Son, before kissing him fully on one set of dearly frosted lips. "Thank You!" one sweet Santa gleefully exclaims, full of Gratitude and ever excited about making Snow Angels in Vancouver's first full blown snowflake fallout of the season.

As I watch my half frozen snowman dart divinely through the creaky front gate for another couple of happy hours wondrously spent in a wintery wonderland, I am priveleged to hear the faintest whisper of boyish wonder drawing me closer to the warmth of my still glowing heart."I heard on the radio that it's supposed to snow 5 to 20 more centimeters. This is the best day of my life!" are the wondrous words as welcoming as the tinkling of tiniest sleighbells that continue to ring in my grateful ears.

For a seeeming eternity I see in my minds eye, the brigfhtest part of me I have ever had the blessed opportunity to plant upon this never too croweded planet, fade slowly into the growing distance. Exceeedingly aware of the fleeting glimmer of Beauty I have once again been permitted to glimpse throught the loving eyes of newborn Innocence, I offer my deepest thanks. Looking upwards to ovrflowing heavens that continue to spill their sumptuous riches, I touch upon wealth beyond worldly measure for those magical many whom are able to fully embrace the multi-layered richness of life's every day miracles.

Katherine Marion

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