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Words : Love Letter To My Daddy

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Dearest Daddy,

I am finally writing to tell you I 'm very sorry that I've been so afraid to reach out and hold your hand like I always wanted to. I can never make up for all the wonderful walks we might have walked or the telling talks we needed to talk. So many emotions unspoken. Both are heart's so severely broken.

Unfortunately I too often kept to myself the stuff that I thought kept us apart. Rather than focusing on that bond dept sacred - Our Love.

I begin to cry as I offer this telling token of my Gratitude from that most precious space within the heart I hold open especially for you. And I know by the supreme happiness I feel as I skip merrily along life's loving path, that you are always at my trusting side. Showing me the way as you clasp your strong and loving hand in mine.

I love you. I've just now come out from hiding to tell you how much our Love Matters. The hurting little girl in me no longer hides. For you are always with me.

I Love You, Daddy!
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