Super Natural Woman

Words : Seeing Clearly

Tuesday, December 18th, 2006

"I really love you, Mommy!' my beaming Boy unexpectedly shares with me as we leave the local pet store. "Ooohhh, I love you, sweetheart. Thank You." is my immediate and most joyful rejoinder. "Why are you telling me this, right now!" " I curiously ask. "I don't know. Just felt like it." Kaelin softly purrs, without any pussy foot'n around, as we brightly begin to make our sure fired way to another early evening soccer practice.

Mmm... he didn't get the two tabby's he fantasized over forever hiding from the landlady and her flea bite'n cat scratch'n phobia. No white spotted bellied salamander, already named, do I see slip'n up one wetted sleeve. All winged Angels still safely locked within their pretty cages. Even Thumper remains, fur intact, after another ferocious bout of heavy petting. Still, somehow, one Happy Homelearner remembers what he Instinctively learned so lovingly long ago; Love is Timeless and lives within this infinite expanse as far and deep as the Heart is open.

Kaelin reaches for my readied hand as we bravely set forth to cross to the other side. As we skip along... I slow my pace, to kiss the lips upon the truest face, that speaks of a whole world filled with endless wonder and constant anticipation. Sadly, too few venture forth, for it is at their own tail chasing risk. And there's still one thing I surely know from experience; any Lovely Soul may come in at anytime ... Yet , when You finally come through ... it won't be alone!

Crystal Clear,

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