Super Natural Woman

Words : After The Party

Friday, December 3rd, 2006

Initially I had envisioned attending publisher Merrie Bakker's ( ) Friday morning breakfast meeting. If only I hadn't stayed up late the night before ... meeting a client at Chapters for a genereous deposit on a stunning 16x20 enlargement. Practicing my craft into the peaceful solitude ofa new tomorrow.

Flowing with the ever turning tide... to enchantingly dream of a singing clam shell. Allowing blessed sleep to comfort my soul. In the afternoon, relaxing in the restorative powers of self rejuvenation at the gym. In the eve, photographing the most darling 4 month old East Indian boy alongside his 4 year old rascal of an older brother and their two proud parents. Later, picking up a cd of stunning visuals I captured 2 years ago of Ahmjad Ali Khan at The Orpheum. And finally receiving beautiful photographs ( of my belated 41st birthday bash, where I played the part of The Precious Fairytale Princess, 6 long and luscious years ago ...

An exciting and eventful day. Plenty accomplished. Fulfilling. Satifying. Fruitful. Womanifold Opportunities unfolding. And just where am I 'after the party?' Exactly where I choose to be ... Laying beside the cleanest energy in my world; my Son's even breath fills my ever expanding heart with the Promise of a brave new world constantly unfolding. Only to breathe in the Magic of the Purest Love I have yet had the privilege to wondrously know!

Katherine Marion

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