Super Natural Woman

Words : Warm Beginnings

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

An afternoon spent reading under the loving sun. A refreshing walk through Queen Anne's Lace and balancing with the poise of a trapeze artist on the railway ties. Accepting a freshly plucked pink Tulip from my grateful Child. Passing by bunches of perfect yellow Buttercup's. Capturing breathtaking images as my overflowing heart breathes in the beauty of one more day to remember.

Gently, the Spring breeze lifts the faces of flowers that beckon to me in delight. Nature walks alongside us in her most splendid way. Fading orb soon to sleep before bringing in the night. Hand in hand we walk with eyes wide open while still protected by the light. Touched by magic and blessed by all that is real and forever right.

Living in the present as we are led towards a new tomorrow. Leaving yesterday behind to catch one more glorious glimmer of hope that never fails to fade.Even as the last rays fall into the cooling shade. Realizing gifts accepted were never as well received as those we gave. Memories to consciously create and blessed moments to thoughtfully save.

Following our instincts we lose track of time. Meeting two fellow females who have just spent one month practising Prana Yoga in the monastery at 57th and Granville. Synergy in the making as Katherine asks Mommy if she would like to have a photo taken with her beautiful Boy. New friend, Rebecka 'with a K" kisses me on the cheek after a sisterly hug. Warmth thoughts and gestures worth waiting for ... Filled with Love!

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